Who am I


All right…I’ll play this game of 12… Elizabeth
1. I don’t like to be the center of attention
2. I’m an only child and it shows…I forget to talk to people
3. I am amazed everyday and Love the awesomeness of Ryann and Raine Some days, it brings me to tears how much.
4. Some days I love Teiko just as much because he’s right by my side.
5. I hitchhiked across the entire country and it SO taught me people are good
6. I have an extra interior finger bone in my left hand and a double jointed left thumb. I’m also left handed and sometimes my hand hurts like the devil.
7. In an alternate universe I would have a Ph.D in Anthropology
8. I thrive within disorganized order which explains my gardening techniques
9. I can still dream in Spanish
10. I am actually growing more aware of myself but more importantly the world around me as I approach 50 (shit, did I just admit that out loud?  I’m not quite there yet….)
11. Okay…I’m still working on item 10 because I’m 32 in my mind. Best year ever. I moved to Holland with the family and had 3 great years of experiences that will last lifetime with ErieTeresa and Hubert along with many others.
12. Life is beautiful and I wish each of you who read this joy!
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