My little trip to San Diego

For my birthday back in January, I knew I wanted to be somewhere warm and not spend it in cold, gray, dreary and wintery Wisconsin.  So I was glad to get an invite to our friend, Scott’s pinning ceremony as a Captain in the U.S. Navy in beautiful San Diego.  We stayed a long weekend and had a great time exploring the area.

One of my bucket list items has been to visit the San Diego Zoo.  As a child, I couldn’t think of a better place to have a job!   What a beautiful place – not only the animals but the amazing gardens, plants and trees.  The zoo is built into a canyon so there is lots of levels.  What a great place to spend a day.

On Saturday, it was a beautiful sunny day but unseasonably cool for San Diego at about 55 degrees.  We spent most of it in and around the harbor area that was very close to our hotel.  We spent four amazing hours touring the U.S. Midway.  It’s a museum now and staffed by many volunteers who were formerly assigned to the ship.  It was like a living musuem.  We met an 85 year old man who was a pilot on the ship back in the 50s.  Really an intimate experience.  Later that afternoon, we had the honor of seeing our good friend, Scott Singer, being pinned as a Captain in the U.S. Navy.  A good time was had by all at that event.

On Sunday, my birthday, we spent a leisurely day driving up the coast to visit San Juan Capistrano and the famed mission where the swallows always return.  What an interesting slice of California history.

As I told Todd, it was my second best birthday ever.  I got to walk on the ocean, collect some rocks and see just a wonderful place.   I was a pretty happy birthday girl.



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