Up North again….

Spent last week at Beatons.  The weather was typical U.P., warm and sunny one day and cold/rainy the next.  We got pretty far in finishing the actual sauna room in the Saunahaus. And hope to christen it on Labor Day weekend.

During the week I made sure I made plenty of time to hone my skill at angry birds and showering ‘gaters, while Todd continued to chip away at the 1000 and one things to accomplish during the few days we get at Beatons.  If this was his blog, he’d probably have a whole list of accomplishments – but suffice it to say he finished the plumbing for the shower, hauled tons ‘o’  crap to the transfer station- including a boat, cleaned the grounds a bunch, and added a showerhead over the sauna stove to directly blast water over the hot rocks.

But maybe the coolest thing he did was haul, block and level a free and totally awesome retro Winnebago camper to our property, we got from people on the lake .  It’s so mid-60s and spotless.  I love it!

By Thursday, I finally felt like I should contribute something, so “Woodworking Wedekind” got to work and helped put the wood paneling up in the Sauna room.  Didn’t even know I’m a total natural with a Paselode nail gun.  It’s now on my Christmas list. (just kidding…)

Todd and I have had this pipe dream for years with our friend, Eric, to build a cabin in the Northwoods for our friends and family.  You know, that mythical place,  with big pines on a lake filled with loons and chairs on the pier where all your troubles fall away and you find immediate peace.  So okay, we have the land and a place to stay.  The cabin just isn’t built yet.  But every time I go there, I am at peace.  Maybe that is good enough?


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