How’s the deck?

We met an Aussie woman once in Madison.  She was on a year walk about and had come to Madison for a few days.  Being the friendly sort, we invited her to the house one night for dinner.  We hosted a cook-out with about eight friends on our new deck.  This Aussie, knowing the deck was brand new said rather loudly to our North Dakota friend, Hutch, “How’s the dick?”  Our always cool rocker friend took the strange sounding question quite in stride and answered “It’s hanging”.  The rest of us cracked up laughing.    The joy of an Aussie accent had the word, deck,  sounding just like DICK.  I still chuckle when I remember that night.

So fast forward 15 or so years to a different house where we are rebuilding another deck.  The finished deck will have a waterproofed patio with an additional  second tiered level.  It will be really beautiful when it’s done. Yet, Todd and I always ask each other “how’s the dick?” and we giggle.

Here’s some photos of our project so far.  On a serious note…fortunately we’ve been able to use most of the existing framework.


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