Spring is almost over with….


t’s the Spring of 100 years.  We set a high of 78 degrees – breaking the record set in 1911.  It’s been over 70 degrees each day for the past 10 days.  And that is really all it takes to bring all the plants into bloom.

It’s March 21, and no one remembers the plants coming to life this early in the area.  The Magnolia (Tulip Tree) burst into bloom last night with the blossoms giving a great show this morning.

The above winter-hardy sedum is producing chicks faster than you can spit.  I just love all the purple-tinged leaves.  Here’s what she looked like last summer.

After nine years, I finally planted spring bulbs in the back garden.  I almost kinda forgot I did it but now I’m beautifully reminded with all the bulbs sprouting. So far the bunnies are keeping their distance…..

Even the no-name bush has broke into song with flowers that one doesn’t normally see until May.  If anyone knows what this bush is called – give me a shout.

This has been just an amazing spring, one for the record books, no doubt.  But for me, it has truly been a beautiful gift of nature.  I hope to remember it always.

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