Dreaming about gardens today

Checked out the 2012 Garden Expo and boy was that place packed with people today.  One of the exhibitors was selling Curling Willow and Pussy Willows – Yay – maybe Spring will come soon!

Pussy and Curly Willow

Pussy and Curly Willow

I also found these cute little bugs and they are brightening the Christmas Cactus right now.

A pretty popular theme at several booths were fairy gardens.  Kinda weird if you ask me – little houses, swings, weird fairies – I like just moss, rocks, plants in my terrariums.

And I found a vendor from Milwaukee called the City Gardener who had the nicest Tillandsia or air plants – i.e. they normally grow without soil and need very little water.  They only need support from a branch or in this case a slightly dirty glass candle holder.


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