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All right, I’ve tried posting my response to the 8,000 “likes” and “comments” on Pinterest and the demands for the “How to directions”…I’ve tried posting a response 10 times and I’ve been denied by error messages.


Anyway….I didn’t make this arrangement originally, I only pinned it from another pinterest user and the link is from the original website – in Burlington, Ontario Canada. They have a sweet little shop that I would love to visit and spend a week volunteering in!!!

However, if I was going to make this I would go to a local dime store (as suggested by another commentor) and buy a few tall cylinder glass vases. Then I would walk around my yard (or close by) and look for small branches. I would cut a few and bring them home. Then I would get some clear glass beads and with jewelry wire, I would weave them into the nests of the branches to weight them in the water. Done.  Alright, I’d add a few oval candles for effect.

For winter I’d throw some cranberries in for some extra color and holiday cheer. For Easter, I’d throw some miniature plastic easter eggs – maybe with a little water thrown in to weight them in the water or a small flower head that would float around.

This is a total Winter through Spring display and easy-peasy to make.

The original image is from here

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