Another lap around the sun….

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I’m in a pretty good place.  It has helped tremendously that we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter.  Just two days ago it was 51 degrees here in Wisconsin.  But all things change…

Tonight we are having our first snow of the winter.  And of course, it’s right at my birthday. But that’s okay. I live and love in Wisconsin.  I do need the winter to hibernate and fuel myself. The changing of the seasons is in my blood.

Tomorrow we are having a big party at the house to send our daughter, Ryann, off to Tanzania and Kenya for two months. She leaves on Saturday. I’m so excited for her. What a great birthday present to see my child fulfill a dream.

Bon Voyage my sweet girl and a happy ‘nother lap around the sun for me!  Yay!

And here’s a song that brings me warmth on a cold January night and makes me so happy – Michael Franti –

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