Beatons August 2011

Agreed.  Not much has happened at Beatons this summer.  Todd and I decided to focus on Madison projects as well as taking a bit of a break from work, family and life.  However, we did head up this weekend for the annual Beatons Lake Riparian Association Meeting.  To make a long story short, we should have set out on Thursday night, but didn’t leave Mad-Town until 10am on Friday….

 So,  We packed three people and two dogs in a station wagon with a few inches to spare.  Good sport, Ryann, held the back seat with the pups.

On Saturday, I stained Cedar wood shingles for a little bit, but the bigger part of the day was spent at the annual picnic of lake property owners – known as the Beatons Lake Riparian Association.  The Sheriff of the county failed to show, but the lead U.S. Forester, Melanie, was on hand to tell us her decisions that will affect the Ottawa National Forest (of which Beatons sits in the middle of) for the next 20 years.

WOW…pretty amazing, that with millions of acres of forest, she truly cares about our little area and the beavers wreaking havoc in her jurisdiction.    I loved her comments to the group about “Don’t like the federal roads (which are non-existent or in poor shape) in the forest around you?  Well, this is your tax paying dollars…going to work”  Great woman and we love her!

 We managed to finish the back side of the Sauna Haus on Saturday night.  Finally, the back side of the building looks finished!!.  Here’s Eric staining some of the shake, but wishing he was in his sailboat…:)  We still have a bit of work inside to finish off the space, but dang, let’s take a moment to appreciate what is….

Here’s Todd, putting up Cedar Shake on the lake-facing side of the Sauna Haus. 

And here’s our friend, Paul, who is always ready to nail a board, lift a beam and otherwise enjoy a great weekend up north.  
Beatons is meant to be shared!  Come up with us!  Enjoy the beauty that is the Northwoods!

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