Doggy sat for Trixie today while my parents went to play in Baraboo at the Steam Engine show. I think it must have been payback for all the times I “dumped” the girls on my parents in the day…..:)

    • Sandy Wedekind Remember what I have always told you – Don’t get mad – get even!! (Even if it takes years!!!!)
      52 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Rylee Wedekind Yep! Life Lesson Number 1…..Got it, Mom. What evil punishment you bestowed on me today….:)
      50 minutes ago · 
    • Rylee Wedekind Sweet Trixie! What a great dog. Kind of like a grandchild, no?
      49 minutes ago · 
    • Sandy Wedekind Nope it is lesson #2 – Have you FORGOTTEN Rule/lesson #1!!!!!
      41 minutes ago · 
    • Rylee Wedekind Oh lord….. “It’s not you I don’t trust, It’s everyone else…:
      41 minutes ago · 
    • Sandy Wedekind That’s my girl!!! Love you!!!!
      36 minutes ago · 

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